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Monday, May 07, 2007

some things are so hard to let go of

There are about five indies rock bands I used to follow when I lived in Japan. When I went back on holiday I always tried to see their shows, but it's been over three years since I've seen any of them live. One band, Sclatch, broke up a while back. Of the other four, two are far more precious to me than the others: KING & Plastic. Over the last year I have listened to their music less, because it makes me feel sad how much time has passed since I've been there. You have to understand, I supported these bands. I wished fervently for their success. I translated their lyrics. They mean as much to me as my Japanese friends, as much as the few students I still keep in touch with, as much as the city I lived in. Their music is wonderful, but it also has a lot of meaning for me beyond the words and tunes. I still know the crowd moves (a little Japanese phenomenon) that go with each song.

Last year I made a plan to go to Japan this July. Somewhere around March I knew it wasn't going to happen. Then, a few days ago, I found out about a sale that would allow me to fly return to Japan for AUD$750. But I had to book for later in the year, because I needed time to save for accommodation and spending money. The dates can't be changed.

And today I confirmed that Plastic are breaking up on July 15.

So now half of me is so happy to be going to Japan again, and the other half is grieving for the missed opportunity to see Plastic on stage one more time. :( The worst thing is that no matter what they go on to do, all that wonderful music gets left behind. I thought it was sad when Hibiki left and they went from five members to four. But this is way beyond.

I realise that there are only about four people who read this blog who are really going to get what this means to me. For everyone else I'm going to come back tomorrow and tell you about the trip to Melbourne, which is a much happier story.

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