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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I just love being told off for doing a good job

I just answered a query from an overseas regulator explaining our policy on a particular issue. I sent it to my boss for her okay prior to sending it, and her response was to say that "we don't need to answer all of his questions so thoroughly. It is generally better to guide people to our website and let them do their own research."

Um, yeah, fair comment, IF THE ANSWERS TO HIS QUESTIONS WERE ACTUALLY ON OUR WEBSITE! When I explained that the only relevent information I could find on the site was on pages that he had quoted in his query (read: had already read and on which he was asking for clarification or more info) she basically said that if you answer too well they'll just keep asking more questions.

Now, let me see if I have this straight. She wants me to create a reply that I know doesn't answer his questions and provide links to pages he's already read. Wouldn't that mean that he would NEED to ask me more questions, because I haven't ANSWERED any yet?

Edit: In fairness to my supervisor I have to add an edit. The guy did write back with thanks and two more very specific questions (asking for examples basically). She was totally cool about me writing back and didn't change anything I wrote, so I guess she's come to terms with my "too helpful" nature. :) I haven't had any further queries since then, but the guy did agree to send me some info on how his country's policy develops when this research period is finished, so I feel like karma will bring some good stuff back in the end.

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