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Saturday, June 23, 2007

roadshow update

Last Wednesday we finally had a rehearsal and a proper shamozal it was, too, at least at first. A woman who has, apparently, a lot of experience in youth productions came along to offer advice. What actually happened is that she contradicted the director loudly about half a dozen times in two hours. Which is not to say that all of her points were bad, but her way of doing it undermines him. Still, we assigned all the parts, we had two decent run-throughs, and the kids are committed to two nights of rehearsal a week, so we got there in the end.

Because of the short time frame and the fact that they are already all free one night a week (the night they have their regular youth activity) the roadshow has basically become a youth play. Which is fine. It's a good experience for them and at this point I think we have to go with whatever might work in a few weeks. Normally I love being on the acting side of things, but this time I'm totally okay with just being in the background. I've defined my own role as getting needed props together and helping the youth to run lines, plus one other thing I'm very excited about, which is writing some lyrics for 'the big number' in the middle. I was going to write an original tune, but that takes a lot longer, so I'm putting new lyrics to 'I Will Survive' instead. It starts slow, which is good because the song starts as an apology (storywise), but then will build into a huge disco number that the whole cast can join into. Looks good in my head, anyway. :) I wonder if I can get hold of a disco ball...

T minus two weeks and counting.

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