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Sunday, July 08, 2007

triumph may be too strong a word

However, at the Roadshow on Saturday night...

1. Everyone remembered their lines, including the ones they were singing.
2. All props were in place at the right time.
3. The audience laughed, and at the right stuff.
4. They remembered to slow down and project their voices, things they were still not doing even at the dress rehearsal.
5. The disco dancing chorus were awesome!! And the disco ball, lowered by way of a string by yours truly, fell at just the right moment.
6. One of our actors won an award for 'best personality'. The character was a servant who was ever-alert and prepared to save the Prince's skin when things went awry. We just loved him because he was the key player in a number of staged moments - stuff like catching the glass that the hero drops when he springs forward to catch the sister doing the fake swoon...and he managed them all without a single mistake.
7. They all had a good time and came off stage bubbly and pleased with themselves!

Woden ward won the night, and deservedly so. They did this fabulous Bollywood style 'star-crossed lovers' type story, complete with colourful Indian costumes and dancing. My other favourite thing, from a different play, was this kid dressed as a tractor. They'd somehow set up the box around him so that depending on which way he turned the steering wheel, the tractor would either smile or frown ~ so cute! They used a lot of kids in that play and had them dressed as chickens and pigs and all manner of farm animals. I didn't actually watch the play, though, as that was when I was assembling our props ready to go on.

In the end it was a fun thing to do, but I'm glad it's over, because it's taken over my life the last few weeks. Now my main goal is to get some eBay listings up and do a couple of new t-shirt designs. The last is a great way to de-stress, which is weird in a way, because drawing when it's NOT on my drawing tablet has the opposite effect on me. I like drawing ~ I just suck at it ~ and the drawing tablet makes it easier to make things look the way I want them to look.

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