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Monday, July 23, 2007

concert tickets i've bought recently

Alice Cooper
July 19, Canberra
5th row

Old school shock rock and lots of fun. Great crowd, too!

Side note: Eric Carr is drumming on this tour, but had to return to the US to play with KISS before the tour reached Canberra. Shame, because he's an awesome drummer.

Powderfinger + Silverchair
September 11, Canberra
General Admission

My birthday (Sep 7) present to myself. Two awesome rock bands and the chance to look at Daniel Johns for two hours. I may break under the weight of all this glee.

Carole King, Mary J Blige, Fergie
November 13, Tokyo
6th row

I can't believe I finally I get to visit the 伝奇的な (legendary) Budokan and I have to sit through Fergie in order to do it. Really looking forward to the other two.

The Police
January 28, Adelaide
12th row
Speaking of legends, the Police were my second ever concert and I've pretty much been waiting ever since to see them again. This ticket cost me the Earth...observe my blatant not-caringness.

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