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Monday, August 20, 2007

for all you unique flowers out there

Yesterday I was thinking that I rarely post here on Japanese stuff that I'm into. I think it's because there are only a few friends of mine from 'the Japan era' of my life that read this blog. I've been thinking about resurrecting my old blog, which I posted on while I lived in Japan, to use for things like reviews of Japanese dramas and the like. But maybe I'll cross post some things here anyway. People can always skip the stuff that doesn't interest them.

And for today's post:

I know that SMAP are a fairly crappy group musicwise (I often like their comedy or acting) but I randomly came across SMAP singing "Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake No Hana" again this morning on Youtube and it had me singing like a karaoke queen while I got ready for work.

Lyrics in romaji and translation: http://www.kiwi-musume.com/lyrics/smap/sekainihitotsudakenohana.html

The basic theme of the song is that we are sometimes so busy comparing ourselves to others and trying to be 'number 1' that we completely miss how special it is just to be a unique human being.

And can I just ask, who is this dude doing a Chinese remake of the song??? He seems to have quite a following. Maybe I'll have to ask Noddy (current Chinese boarder).

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