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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

love me enjoy me want me hide me

So say the delectable Tim Tams on my shelf. Australia's favourite chocolate biscuit (Americans read: cookie) has gotten more communicative of late. I dscovered this quite by chance. Wandering down the biscuit aisle Saturday afternoon I looked lovingly over at the Tim Tams and did a double take: one of the packets was labelled 'Want Me' instead of 'Tim Tam'. I was amused, and home with me they went. Further research on the Arnott's website unearthed the following:
Arnott’s Tim Tam - Love them, Enjoy them, Want them or Hide them?

Consumers will notice something different as they reach for their favourite packet of chocolate biscuits over the upcoming weeks. For a limited time, packets of Arnott’s Tim Tam Original will feature four fun new phrases including ‘Love Me’, ‘Enjoy Me’, ‘Want Me’ and ‘Hide Me’.

As Australia’s third favourite brand, Australians have a strong emotional connection with Tim Tam and Arnott’s research shows that these four phrases best represent how consumers feel about their beloved Tim Tam biscuits. For example:

‘Love Me’
The majority (52%) of Tim Tam lovers enjoy doing the Tim Tam Slam where the biscuit is used as a straw to drink coffee or port.

‘Enjoy Me’
50% of consumers choose to eat the last Tim Tam in the packet before anyone else does, while only 17% will share it with family or friends.

‘Want Me’
64% of consumers eat their Tim Tam biscuits on the same day they buy them.

‘Hide Me’
Many consumers go to extremes to hide their Tim Tam biscuits from others…inside the crisper draw in the refrigerator, the laundry basket, the freezer, the car, in a desk drawer, in the bedroom, and even in the safe!
I don't hide my Tim Tams ~ I'm more of a 'share the wealth' kinda girl ~ but as for the other three...guilty as charged: Tim Tam slams are the bomb, I'll eat the last one without hesitation, and Tim Tams may last two or three days in our cookie jar, but they are ALWAYS opened on the day of purchase. Simply irresistable!

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