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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

cutting out the pocket money middle men

A Moldovan teenager has been arrested for ordering the contract murder of both his parents. The 15-year-old was reportedly incensed at the mere $US1,000 ($A1,120) per month pocket money he received and paid an (undercover officer posing as) a professional hit man around $US600 ($A670) to kill his parents. He would then, as an only child, have been the sole heir to the family business. If convicted of attempted murder, he'll face up to ten years in prison.

Still, who can blame him, right? I mean, when your parents are so stingy that they will only fork over the equivalent of just over six times the average salary (which in Moldova is around $US150 ($A168)) for your pocket money, obviously the only sensible course of action is to have them killed. Especially when you can do this for the bargain basement price of just over a week's pocket money per person.