a little east of reality

Thursday, March 23, 2006

a little east of reality turns 1

I can't believe it!! My blogiversary (spelling??) was on March 17 and I completely missed it!!!

One year on and it seems like not much has changed: The colour of the sky in Canberra still fascinates me, Gloomy is still sitting on my shelf at work, and I'm once again due for my pre-winter flu vaccination.

But they're just surface details. Since March last year, I've gotten two new flatmates/boarders, changed jobs at work, and I've stopped teaching seminary (read: sad, but totally okay with no longer waking before dawn).

My own personal blogosphere has changed a little, too. The number of blogs I regularly read has gone from about 10 to around 90, and I've almost completely stopped listening to podcasts, which at one point I was really into (I listen to about four on a regular basis, that's all). This year had its low points, but overall it's been a good year.

So here's to a year in the Blogosphere!

To random link-hopping and interesting memes; to commenters that steady you, and those that crack you up; to bloggers who tell it like it is, those who wax hypothetical and those who make it all up as they go along; and lastly to all those who don't mind occasionally being...a little east of reality.