a little east of reality

Sunday, March 19, 2006

for those about to pray...

Have I ever asked you to pray for anyone, ever?? Well okay I might have suggested that a few words uttered in the hope of me winning a car wouldn't go astray, but that of course was a frivalous material item and this is something really, really important! So if you're of the praying persuasion, and I know some of you are, please include a stranger in your prayers today.

I have a friend who's had a rough year. She's a really good teacher, working three jobs, one in particular at a disheartening, exhausting school. She's also right in the middle of a divorce process. On Monday she has a job interview for a job that would literally change her life. Not only would she earn enough to work just one job, but it's at a school where she can truly put into practice all her ideas and goals for teaching. Working one job would also give her the spare time to reconnect with her friends and the world in general.

She's qualified, she has the right experience. All I'll be praying for is that she get a fair chance to let her qualities shine through...no crazy weather to rain on her interview outfit, no unexpected car breakdowns making her late, no printers refusing to produce a beautiful resume, no silly nerves just because she wants it so much, and the interviewers being in a good mood. If these small planets align, I think she's a shoe-in. I actually believe in prayer, and in its power to affect our lives. She's worked hard for this chance, and if prayer can help give her the strength and opportunity to bring it to fruition, that's what I'll be doing. I hope you'll find a moment to add the strength of your prayers to mine.