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Monday, March 13, 2006

u2 update

U2 set to return in November

"There was a lot of distress and angst and (the) good news is ... I can announce tonight we are coming back, looks like November and that's a great relief for me."

Bono, who arrived in Australia last week with his wife Ali Hewson and their sons Elijah, 6, and John, 4, admitted he was happy the gigs had been rescheduled.

"I didn't want to leave Australia without having that hammered down," he said. "But (we are) just about that much away from being able to give you the dates so maybe even tomorrow I'll be able to do that."

November. I can live with that. Plenty of time to get another cheapo air flight and not bad timing for another visit home. It's a little close to Christmas, but I'll work that out. I don't mind seeing the Olds an extra time this year. They aren't going to be around forever.