a little east of reality

Thursday, December 01, 2005

gonna getz me a car...i hope!

A local radio station is giving away a Hyundai Getz. Yesterday my name was randonly selected. This means that next Friday morning I have a 1 in 36 chance of winning a new car.

You've seen my car, right? It's an '84 Corona. Yes, that means it's 21 years old. So I'm seriously crossing my fingers here. Anyone with free time should send good vibes my way concerning the number 9, which is the number I've been assigned. Pretty please?!

The way it works is that the numbers 1-36 are painted on a sports oval in a big circle. Each contestant stands by his or her number. They put 1 litre of petrol in the car and drive it around until it runs out of petrol. If it stops on your number, you win the car!

Come on number 9!!