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Monday, November 21, 2005

update from the missing blogger girl

Hello All

Wow. The month that was supposed to be all about writing for me has turned out to be the month where I wrote almost nothing - not even on my blog. I can't replace every day I've missed out on blogging, but here's an attempt to fill in some gaps:

In terms of the ultimate goal of NaNoWriMo ~ a novel of 50,000 words ~ I have completely failed, and the remaining nine days of November are unlikely to change that. However, I have written some 6000 words; sadly not all towards the same story. Out of my two seperate attempts to start, though, I have one piece that I think I can actually send off as a short story with just a little extra work, and an idea that is good, but needs a lot of development. But then that idea is for a novel-length story, so it's not much of a surprise that 4000 words doesn't really cover it. This was my first attempt at writing so fast and furious, and I really wasn't very good at it. But I'm glad that something workable is emerging from the effort, and there's always next year.

The main reason I've not been blogging:
I've already written how sick I was on my recent holiday. That cough lingered even after I had made most of my recovery, and I just couldn't shake it. About a week and a half ago it developed again into a full-blown chest infection. It was difficult to breathe fully without coughing and it's been impossible to get any good sleep. I've missed some work, and shambled through life tired all the time. I did get a little reading done, but most of my time has been spent either trying to get through the day-to-day (cooking, laundry, work, church), or doing brainless things that require no effort or input from me, like watching seasons 3 & 4 of Family Guy.

But the good news is:
I've gotten hold of a strong anti-biotic and am on the mend. Last night I got my first good night's sleep in several days, only waking up twice during the night. This was because yesterday the congestion in my chest finally started breaking up. Sure, it's disgusting to cough this stuff out of your system, but I feel SOOO much better today, because I've had some proper sleep and because I can breathe normally.