a little east of reality

Monday, October 31, 2005

human touch

I was feeling a little restless this weekend; not sad exactly, but in need of something I couldn't define until late in the weekend. Touch. I'm not a particularly huggy person ~ except with children ~ though I'm more physical when I'm in a relationship. I guess that's when I trust that physical contact is welcome and don't second guess it. Anyway, the point is that I don't always miss that contact. I don't need constant physical contact to know that people care about me. In fact I find super-touchy-feely people a little overwhelming.

But I think everyone reaches a point where they crave touch: touch that shows sympathy or emphasizes a point or calls your attention to something; a hug that welcomes you home or lets you know someone missed you; some kind of contact that makes you feel a connection. Maybe it's just that I've been home in Adelaide recently with my parents and my huggiest friends (you know who you are), but this weekend I'm missing that, a lot.