a little east of reality

Friday, October 21, 2005

what chosha needs

This came from Anne's blog. Good fun.

Put your name and "needs" in quotes into a google search and see what comes up.

(Chosha) needs to find a good ‘look’. (Yes something with more paisley in it...or sweater sets. Paisley sweater sets?)
...needs a saddle. (Actually after a bad fall that messed up my neck forever, I'm thinking 'no' to horseriding of any kind ever again. Though if I ever get the chance to go to Malaysia and ride an elephant, I'm taking it.)
...needs meaning. (Maybe I do. Some days it does all see a little pointless.)
...needs help. (Professional help. (Just getting in before the crowd.))
...needs a teleprompter. (or at least some good notes)
...needs a makeover! (As long as it's not on Oprah, I'm in.)
...needs someone to take her to a cotillion. (A cotillion...sounds like a long, elegant glove kind of thing, don't you think?)
...needs to run for President of the United States - seriously. (Well as long as you're serious about it. It's not like I could do a worse job than the current occupant. )
...needs a check by noon. (Yes I do. A large one. Or blank.)
...needs some fast cash, too, to settle an old score. (And apparently this is why I need it. However I will probably use it for travelling instead.)
Before starting any business, needs to find out about any licenses or necessary insurance. (Funny, as owning my own business is my idea of torture.)
...needs to know that she is not out on her own. (That would be nice.)
...needs a friend. (What a nige!)
...needs a little patience. (Just for two more weeks and then I am no longer an early morning seminary teacher. Roll on, blissful sleep.)
...needs 2 umbrellas and a coat. (Actually I have2 umbrellas and a coat.)
...needs a little vacation. (To replace the one she just spent sick and miserable.)
...needs a head count so she can give a pretty good estimate on the box lunches. (Absolutely...who's coming?!)

and the one that had me snorting my cereal:

...needs a good lawyer to get her out of this one or she will be a sex toy for some hardcore diesel dyke butch mamma for the next 10 years. (Get that lawyer quick!!)