a little east of reality

Thursday, October 13, 2005

*cough, sneeze, sniff* ohhh the pain, the pain

When I got home my Dad was pretty sick: chest infection with a painful cough, sinus trouble and aching all over. I tried to avoid the inevitable, but sure enough two days later I am sick as a dog. The doctor asked me to breathe deeply while he listened to my chest. I inhaled once and before I could let it out he said, "oh dear, you've really got it bad, haven't you." My chest burning inside every time I coughed, I could only nod miserably in agreement. For a while my right ear was blocked. That was interesting, as whenever I sneezed I was disoriented and lost all sense of balance.

The upshot is that I am a pitiful case, so doped up on Sudafed (sinus), Augmentin (antibiotic), Fexotabs (hayfever), Paracetemol (aching everything) and Senaga & Ammonia (the foulest-tasting decongestant in existence) that I can do nothing but loll on the sofa barely watching movies. My mother is making me chicken soup like the good Jewish mother that she isn't (but she's seen them on the TV). I might live...if I'm lucky.