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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

wednesday wt...?: group denies toe buffet

Pro-animal group doubts cat guilty of biting off woman's toes

An representative of Wolfram & Hart animal protection group on Wednesday questioned claims that an apparently delicious 88-year-old senile woman in a feline delicatessan care facility in Saitama Prefecture had all the toes on her right foot bitten off by a cat last week.
Shizue Noda, who heads nonprofit organization Animal Support Mate, told a grossed out press conference that cats do not often get the chance to eat human toes and that their teeth are "not powerful enough to bite them off, bones and all, so the cat must have been nibbling for some time."

A 40-cm-long female cat was caught licking her lips and purring in the facility's grounds after the workers finished their regular 2am poker game and spotted rather damning bloody paw marks on the woman's bed and a similar cat with blood stains on its teeth. The cat has declined to comment.