a little east of reality

Friday, October 07, 2005

in case of...zombies??

In this jaded world, it's easy to feel like nothing surprises us any more. But today I stood in the car park and laughed out loud in delighted surprise. I was paying for my parking ticket ~ scowling as always because the miser who owns the land charges almost double the rate of government-owned car parks ~ when I noticed that someone had added a new sticker to the bottom of the ticket machine.

This is the sticker. Classic! I absolutely love it.

What makes it even funnier is that this parking meter is actually just where we gather when we have a fire. Every once in a while someone in the blue building overcooks sausage rolls or something and we end up out in the cold for an hour. I guess next time we can keep amused trying to guess who amongst us could pass for the 'lurching undead'. I can think of a couple of candidates. :)