a little east of reality

Saturday, October 01, 2005

trivial pursuits

Friday night was the annual ACMA trivia night and the yo yo!s were ready to rumble. (Incidentally that was

"yo, yo!"

not "yo-yo".)

We struck out with an early lead, flagged a little in the mid-stretch and then came back strong at the end with a kick-ass 10/10 music round. But ohhhhh, the Deregulators squeaked in a successful "who-am-I" bonus question and got the points they needed to pip us at the post.

Can you believe we lost to a team with such a boring name? (Our business is regulation... Deregulators...aha ha haha...honestly! *rolls eyes*)

Anyway, fun, frivolity and triple-fried food was had by all. The team came third last year and second this year. I guess 2006 is when we take home the gold.