a little east of reality

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

homeward bound

Yesterday I spent a leisurely day packing, fussing around trying to find my mp3 player (which was in the boot of my car), dropping off bits and pieces to Sky & Rev, and giving out last minute tips to Silent Bob, who will be making his first attempt at cooking while I'm away. He's also promised to keep my small herb garden alive while I'm gone. I hope he does, because I love the smell of the herbs in the kitchen, and they're the only plants I've kept alive in a long time.

Phi came to airport. He's been in a very good mood the last two days - hopefully not because I'm going to be away ten days. (!) The flight was only saved from total boredom by the presence of Jasmine, the 18-month-old who sat directly across from me. She was clinging to her mother all through the takeoff, but once the flight was underway she got more bold and went on little adventures to check out all the people around her row of seats, including me. Poor thing of course when the plane descended - her ears were hurting and she's too little to know why or how to do anything about it. Her mother tried, but most of the descent was pretty miserable for her.

Today I had lunch with my mum and two of my aunts at Charlie's, and all-you-can-eat place with a weird combination of mostly Thai and Italian food. Then I went to visit my favourite cousin, Sniper, to see his new baby - so sweet! After such a "gruelling" day I was glad to get back to my folks' house - the moment I sat still, I fell asleep.

Hey, I'm on holiday, I can do stuff like that. ^_~