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Sunday, August 17, 2008

what women want

As mentioned a few posts back, I saw Chris Rock live in Sydney last weekend. I also met up with my old housemate, Phi, and slept at his place before driving back early Sunday morning.

An idea Chris pitched in his show was that it's more important for a guy to keep his job than for a woman to keep hers, because a guy won't dump a girl for being unemployed, but a woman will only be patient for so long with an unemployed guy. The material was funny as far as it went, but I did think the idea really was a bit of a crock. At least in my world. I would dump a guy who didn't want to work and was happy to dole-bludge, but I'd never break up with a guy because he lost his job. That's just stupid.

I thought about this again later when I drove back to Phi's. He had parked his car in an off-street park to save it for me (safer than parking on the street). When I got there he put his car in his regular spot under the apartment building and I took the park. He'd also moved the mattress from the room where I was sleeping (which was apparently really messy) and made up a bed in the lounge room. The sheets smelled so fresh and clean. As I was going to sleep I thought, 'I don't need a guy who has money or some great job. A guy being thoughtful is worth so much more than that.' Not that I want Phi. We're friends and ever will be. But his simple thoughtfulness made me feel welcomed, cared for, and that was nice.

I think Chris Rock needs to either update his views on women, or hang out with some that aren't quite so committed to the idea that a boyfriend needs to live up to the lifestyle to which she would like to become accustomed.

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