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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

so you think you can dance?

The latest US season of So You Think You Can Dance? has been going a while, but I've only just started watching it recently. The first performance show (top 20 dancers) was amazing. The bar really has been set high this year. I think people are starting to prepare better for the show and it's attracting dancers that already have a certain level of flexibility in the styles they know.

I wanted to pick one video to post of the couple I think danced the best, but it was so hard to choose amongst the dancers that instead I'm posting my favourite piece of choreography from the show. Napoleon and Tabitha, a husband and wife team of hip hop choreographers, do some really interesting things with hip hop. I'm a huge fan of Shane Sparks and when I realised that this new team was on board I was kind of disappointed (no idea if Shane will contribute later in the season). But wow, this piece was wonderful. The story behind it is that the guy has just gotten his news that he's going off to the war. Sounds a little corny, right? But it isn't. I was so moved by this piece, I found myself unexpectedly crying.

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