a little east of reality

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

mutiny! (this is not an instruction)

You know, being terribly sensible and cooperative types, Phi and I really don't have a lot of official house rules. So you'd think that the boy would be able to remember and follow those few rules without having to be reminded.

But no! Apparently not.

In clear violation of House Rule No.1:
All resident boys must maintain a minimum hair length sufficient to identify them as a pirate.
he has allowed a rogue hairdresser to lop his locks to a scanty length barely two inches below his ears. He can't even gather it into one of those tiny 'cabin boy' ponytails at that length. Not only is it a scurrilous mutiny, but he was reckless enough to tell me he likes it that length!

*sigh* He may have to walk the plank.