a little east of reality

Saturday, January 28, 2006

no time, no time

I have a new boarder moving in on Feb 5. No, he's not replacing the lovely Phi, who will stay forever if I (and that voodoo charm I bought) have anything to do with it. (No, Phi, I'm kidding, really!) This guy's moving into our lives and third bedroom and hopefully starting me on the path to getting out of debt. I'm happy with two people in the house, but paying a 3rd of the expenses instead of half also has its attractions.

The upshot is that my lengthy organising/de-cluttering exercise has now acquired a deadline, because I can't use the spare room as my extra sorting space any longer. This was sped up considerably when Baps & Scorcese decided to come for a flying visit on Friday as the spare room bed was still covered in clothes when she called to ask if they could 'stop at yours', as she puts it in her cute British fashion. This all equals chosha writing a lot of rushed half drafts that never become posts, but do become big four day gaps in my blog. Still, has to be done. And it was great to catch up with them.

And it is great to have a third person move in. One week and counting...