a little east of reality

Sunday, January 29, 2006

~ chirpy happy ~

There is a very loud bird chirping outside my open bedroom window. It's 6.15am on Sunday morning and apparently the nest is not comfy enough for a lie-in. Still, I have not slept yet, so I can't blame his early rising for me being awake at this hour.

I watched the movie A Lot Like Love again last night, as it came out on DVD recently. I remembered that I liked it, but not much else. Consequently, everything seemed new and wonderful - there are some beautiful moments, some laugh-out-loud moments, and some moments that just tear your heart out - it's a text book chick flick romantic comedy and I LOVED it!!! The casting is perfect, the script is tight and clever, the editing was wise - every deleted scene (though interesting to watch) was wisely deleted - and there was nothing superfluous. Plus I like Emily's cool punk/rocker girl look in the first part of the movie.

It reminded me again that love is the one thing that doesn't fit into a tidy plan or sensible schedule. Some people wait for love before doing anything big in their lives. They never travel or buy a house because they're waiting for someone to do those things with. Others reject opportunities for love because they're not where they want to be in their career, or not ready to settle down. That's okay - everyone has to choose their own priorities - but the consequences may be that you miss a wonderful opportunity that won't come again. And that should one of the costs you weigh up when you push love aside.

I once missed a window of opportunity for love by being afraid to act. Maybe I've done it other times, but this is the only one that makes me wistful. I can forgive myself for it because I was young and inexperienced enough to justify the nerves and the uncertainty. But I still wonder about that guy. I don't know if we would have lasted the distance, but actually that isn't the point - it's not always about finding 'the one'. I just know that a relationship with him would have had some wonderful moments - he was a crazy AC/DC-loving rocker boy on the surface and a funny, sweet romantic underneath. Nice combination.

After the movie I wrote a note on our message board to Phi, who went to sleep a lot earlier than me: "Phi, watch that movie tomorrow before you go to work. It's lovely. It'll make you want to fall in love. You may feel the need to write a song afterwards. So watch it, okay?!" That's sure to make him roll his eyes a little, but hopefully he'll watch it anyway. ^_^

I really better get some sleep - it's so cliched to fall asleep at church. Pity I can't just stay up, though. That movie's put me in kind of a loud chirpy mood myself. I wonder if that bird is in love...or wants to be??