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Monday, January 30, 2006

it's my turn!

I've been a member of a game site called It's Your Turn for about two years now. I like it because you don't have to play whole games in one sitting. When I log in it shows me the games I'm playing where it's my turn to move. Then it's up to my opponent - if they're online we might end up playing several moves in a row, but basically as long as I log in often enough not to time out, we can play the game over as long a time period as we need. This is really handy if I'm just playing to take a break from something else, or am in the middle of playing games but get interrupted by a phone call or visitor. I'm not going to lose the game by not rushing back to make the next move.

Anyway, I play on 4 ladders at the site. At first my goal was to get all of my rankings to double figures. I managed that last year and ever since I've been trying to get to number 1 on at least one of my ladders - and I did it!!

My Ladders

RankPlyrsLadder typeGame type
411Open 28-hour ladderBackgammon Race
14578Open 28-hour ladderDark Battleboats Plus
5218Member 28-hour ladderDark Battleboats Plus
1214Member 48-hour ladderDark Battleboats Plus

I've gotten into the top 5 many, many times, but I could never seem to scramble up that last little rung. So yah me!!!! Staying at number 1 is hard, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts.