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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

tagged: my ideal guy

Bonnie tagged me with a fun little meme. Being me, I had to make two lists, but if I tag you, don't feel like you have to do the same, as it wasn't part of the original challenge.

8 points that my "perfect partner" would have.

The serious list:
1. has a sense of humour (even (or especially!) when life gets stressful)
2. is a thinking person (logical, curious, open-minded, reads, ponders stuff, enjoys learning)
3. has integrity (has a sense of right and tries to live according to it)
4. financially sensible (a little impulse buying is okay, but they pay their bills)
5. emotionally mature (no mind games, not overly sensitive, healthy self-esteem, etc)
6. enjoys physical intimacy (sex yeah, but beyond that - likes to touch, hug, etc)
7. balanced (eg neither too serious nor too easy-going, makes plans but can be spontaneous)
8. trustworthy (keep confidences & promises, does not cheat)

The fun list:
1. long hair, preferably dark
2. into music (mad bonus points for playing/writing )
3. flirts well enough to make me grin (or should I slip 'good kisser' in here???)
4. likes live stuff (rock concerts, plays, comedy, sport)
5. willing to watch chick flicks (even if unwilling to admit this to his friends)
6. good abs (any other toned muscles also duly appreciated)
7. speaks some language that sounds sexy even though I can't understand it
8. saves the world, one good deed at a time

Wow, now that I've got all that sorted out, all I need to do is FIND him.
<---- Doesn't look like waiting is doing the trick. ^_^

Okay, 8 people to tag: amanda, jerzee (no you can't just write 'Jim' 8 times!), Lewis (sorry, I know you're anti-meme but I'm curious), Nina, Roofshadow, Nemesis (do you do memes?), Mary P & Q.