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Friday, August 15, 2008

sytycd? top 14

Wow. Fourteen performances to choose from and it was so very hard. In the end I've gone for choreography again and included three dances. The first is a lyrical jazz piece by Mandy Moore and danced by Jessica and Will. And while I chose it for its power and the amazing use of a shirt as a prop, it must be said that Will without a shirt is quite something to behold all on its own. ^_^

Mia Michaels was insanely good this time around, too, with two amazing contemporary routines, the first danced by Twitch (ditto on my previous 'no shirt' remark) and Kerrington and the second by Katee and Joshua. Loved them both. I don't usually differentiate between colours on the show, but I have to say that this season's contingent of black guys are far outstripping their paler peers. Each one of them is like a vial of distilled talent. Mark is the only other guy coming close for me.