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Monday, August 25, 2008

strange how it only just occurred to me...

That Youtube is like having Neil Gaiman on tap. ^_^ I just added about twenty Neil vids to my favourites.

I go through phases with Youtube, getting onto one theme or another and pursuing it until some other shiny object catches my eye. These phases are evident when you look through my favs. Neil is the most recent addition. Before him there was a series of David Bowie interviews. Before that it was a pile of 80s music videos, including a lot of early Blondie and my favourite Elvis Costello song. For a while I couldn't get enough of Van Hansis and his storyline on a daytime soap we don't get here, which led me to discover a random Catalan soap opera. At one point I was collecting Post Secret videos and TV commercials I thought were cool. And there's always a healthy dose of random weirdness thrown in for good effect.

And now it's 5am. Playing in my favourites pool on a week night is not wise...

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