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Monday, August 18, 2008

sytycd? top 12

The first of my two favs from the top 12 episode was this fun Bollywood routine from Katee and Joshua (love those two!). Sorry it's the version with the judges commentary, etc, but the only versions I could find without it looked like they had been taped from the TV with a handheld camcorder. Though for those unfamilar with the show, you do get to hear a Mary Murphy scream. :)

This second one is, I think, the best choreography of the night. It's a lyrical jazz piece by Tyce DiOrio. He said it didn't have a story, but was meant to represent the connection between a man and a woman and that he thinks of it as the Garden of Eden. I liked the way Jessica explained it:
This piece is so much more than dance. It's about the combination of art with music and our bodies.
It's sensual more than sexual and very beautiful. Enjoy.