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Saturday, August 23, 2008

sytycd? top 10

Okay, time to wrap this up. I know this is all over in the US but I want to finish my posts on it anyway. If you're watching in Australia then I'm a little ahead of you so watch out for spoilers.

This first piece is a pas de deux choreographed by Desmond Richardson and performed by Katie and Will. Don't anyone give me lip for another shirtless Will routine, because actually I think those shorts are a little dorky looking. :)

The next three are all group routines, the first a Mia Michaels contemporary routine danced by the top 5 girls ~ Comfort, Katee, Kerrington, Chelsea and Courtney.

Next, here are the top 5 guys ~ Will, Joshua, Gev, Mark and Twitch ~ performing a Nigel Lithgow routine to the song "Five Guys Named Moe".

Finally, here are all ten of them giving out a lot of good energy in an exuberent Bollywood routine. Great beginning, too!