a little east of reality

Sunday, August 24, 2008

sytycd? top 8

First up I have to say that I spent quite a bit of the top 8 show skipping guest judge Toni Basil's remarks. The drivel that came out of this woman's mouth...so very irritating.

But on to better things! Like Courtney and Will TEARING UP THE FLOOR with a Jean Marc Genereaux Samba. That is some hot tamale dancing right there!

The next is the coolest Mia Michaels routine of the season. Fantastic use of a prop and the dance AND the performance by Twitch and Katee are awesome.

Here is a tight Tabitha and Napolean hip hop routine danced by Mark and Comfort. This could have morphed into crumping and I think they still would have handled it.

So many good routines in this show. Last couple dance I'm adding is a disco routine choreographed by Doriana Sanchez and danced by Chelsie and Joshua.

And last by not least, here's the most awesome solo of the night from Will. I wish it could have been longer. Fabulous James Brown impression! This is the stage of the show where we lost Will. The results are ruled by votes at this point and I'm surprised that Mark made it through over Will. Mark's great and I think Joshua and Twitch are wonderful overall performers, but there's no denying that Will is a brilliant dancer and I look forward to seeing him dance in the future.