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Sunday, October 28, 2007

things are heating up

Recently I read a kind of essay about how the data on global warning was skewed in order to produce a certain result...basically was faked to scare everybody when the 'truth' is that either global warming isn't happening, or that it is but humans aren't causing it. Now the first suggestion is crazy, because global warming IS happening. Whether we are causing it, however, is still very much up for debate. Some experts say that global warming is a natural phenomenon that occurs every 1500 or so years and it just looks to us as though fossil fuel burners and carnivores are depleting the ozone. If it's not caused by us, then it inevitably leads to the question of whether everything we're doing to try and reverse it is pointless.

Here's why I don't give a rat's...

It might be pointless in terms of stopping global warming, but it certainly ISN'T pointless in terms of improving our environment. Cutting back on the use of fossil fuels, greener industry, fewer and better cars on the road, energy efficient homes, recycling...this is all sounding a lot like cleaner air, cleaner land and cleaner waterways to me, and that sounds good.

So, all you thickheaded naysayers whining about the Kyoto accord and the cost to industry wah, wah, wah - pipe down with your complaints and get used to the idea that all of these initiatives are only about doing what we should have been doing all along. And plant a tree.

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