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Saturday, October 27, 2007

i heart jim halpert

##Full of 'The Office' SPOILERS##
Nemesis introduced me to Jim Halpert with this 'jelly bean' spot. Of course at the time I thought Jim Halpert was the name of the actor. But now I know he's the most adorable fictional character since Vinnie Teranova, the undercover cop I spent my romantic formative years desperately in love with. (I didn't discover Mr Darcy till I was an adult.)

I watched the UK version of The Office a while back, so coming into the US version I was all primed and ready to love Jim, because he was the equivalent character to (UK version) Tim, whose romance with Dawn was adorable (clip of when they finally got together). But oh my goodness Tim is so beyond crush-worthy. He's actually pretty goofy, but in the sexist possible way, haha.

There are two reasons I watch The Office:

1. To watch Jim play pranks on Dwight, and

2. To watch Pam and Jim's romance...

and wish it was me. *^_^*

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