a little east of reality

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the heating dilemma

It's 10.24am and I'm just rolling into work. Rolling might be the wrong word...how do things move when they're almost frozen? The sun's been up for nearly 4 hours and yet when I left home fifteen minutes ago the grass in my front yard was still white (the sun rises on the other side of the house).

I slept in my lounge room last night Last night my heavy bedroom mirror fell down behind the chest of drawers. I was so relieved that it didn’t break that it wasn’t until I realised that my room was getting colder that I thought to check the power outlet behind the chest of drawers. The mirror had crashed into the heater plug, wrenching it out of the wall, bending the prongs and cracking the outlet casing.

So off to the lounge room (which has a heater) dragging my quilt behind me and settling in to comfort myself with the first season of Will & Grace. I might have used icecream [my spell check is claiming ‘icecream’ this is two words? In what universe???], but it’s winter. Plus they eat so much icecream in that show, I felt like I was comfort eating by proxy just by watching.

All in all this morning it was a bit hard to drag myself into work. Luckily my boss is doing a coffee run. I need something warm and comforting, and in the absence of an unexpected but fabulous office romance, hot chocolate it is.