a little east of reality

Friday, September 23, 2005

garbage, here we come

Last night Phi arrived home with news. Garbage had played that night in Canberra and we'd previously made a decision not to go (the available seats weren't so good, it was a Wednesday and he would have had to miss work to go). But last night he heard a rumour that the band was breaking up after their Australian tour, having cancelled the European dates that were meant to follow it. This was terrible news - we might have just given up our last chance to see them live.

"Where else are they playing? We need to go see them."

I checked the net and found out that tickets were still available for the Sydney show this Friday night. One online transaction later we were suddenly on for a roadtrip to Sydney to see Garbage. Yah!! And we got lucky too - for these last minute tickets there was a two-for-one offer. What we saved on the tickets will pay for our petrol.

Live is good. I love that we just decided and then went ahead. This morning I read that they are not breaking up after all. Even better.