a little east of reality

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

juicy adventures

I just had the yummiest juice with my breakfast ~ an apple and strawberry mix that I juiced myself last night. I used Pink Lady apples, which are sweet but with a bit of a bite. It is SO GOOD! Usually I make a nice healthy detoxing juice like apple, carrot and beetroot. I made that one this time too, with a little celery juice for good measure. But the apple/strawberry concoction was purely for pleasure. The fact that it's healthy is irrelevent.

We did have a bit of adventure getting it from the fruit to the glass. I set up the juicer on the stovetop as normal. Halfway through the engine starts to smoke. Or so I thought... I of course stop juicing immediately to let the motor rest, but the smoke doesn't stop. Phi wanders over to have a look.

"Hmm, that smells like plastic burning..." he says thoughtfully.

Suddenly he leaps into action!

"Quick! Quick!" He reaches in and pushes the juicer back towards the wall.


"The stove is on!!"

That's right. In trying to clean up some spilled juice along the way I had unintentionally turned on the hotplate under the juicer. It's an oldish stove and the hot plates don't immediately glow red like some of the more modern ones do. The plastic cyclinder that catches the pulp was causing the smoke and now has a little melty scar on its bottom edge.The juicer itself was fine, thank goodness. I'm just glad I didn't discover this all by putting my hand on the hotplate. That would've sucked.

Anyway, as soon as the danger was over we laughed our asses off.