a little east of reality

Saturday, September 17, 2005

go the fro!

Tonight went to Tilley's to see Afro Moses perform African-Carribbean music. He uses traditional African instruments (hooked up to amps the way you do it with acoustic guitars) but his songs both traditional and more modern. Tonight he performed with a couple of guys, one from Pakistan one from Senagal both on types of drums, and a girl who sang backup. Sometimes he plays with a 12 piece band, but it would have been out of place in Tilley's which is a cozy venue.

His voice is amazing. Remember at the beginning of The Lion King when that startling voice just rings out? He actually did that song, because there were kids in the audience (they loved it!) and it was just so powerful. They also had the audience totally involved, singing, dancing and clapping rythyms. Something totally different to the usual night out, but great fun.