a little east of reality

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

two poems from drip

drip writes a poem each day. Recently he wrote a couple poems I really like:

this one on September 11:
a fostering light
grows dim
with the steam
of her energies
I am swallowed
by time alone;
I put my shadow on
like a cloak
I will learn to
embrace this decay,
plans crumbling like my teeth
I will never suck
the pink of her
full lower lip;
I will not lose
my fingers in
the thickness of her hair
I cannot thank her
for projecting me
through the frantic wealth
of my dreams.
And this one on August 23:
my love is a soft light
slipping through
your morning window
It wants to hold
your body,
to feel the rise and fall
of your chest
It wants to dance along
each slope, each sinew
in a perfect motion
of devotion
This sacred architecture
speaks to me
when you can't.