a little east of reality

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

~~~ happy birthday to me ~~~

Today was my birthday.

How old was I you ask? Forget it! haha Nobody ever guesses right, so why should I fill them in?

My main celebration is actually going to be on Saturday, so more news then, but today I got three presents. The first was a small ridiculous Pokemon called Charmander, which I totally love because:
a) he looks cute on my computer
b) he has a wobbly head, and
c) one of my favourite things about the two people who gave him to me is how much fun I have talking to them about all kinds of ridiculous things, cartoon characters included, so he suits.

The second present was from Phi - a DVD set of Pirates of the Carribean with a bonus disc (previously unreleased material and the like). Given that I love Johnny Depp, think Orlando Bloom is the most beautiful man on earth (sorry Hyde) and enjoy all things piratey, it was a good choice.

The third present was not specifically for my birthday, but I'm counting it as such because it was a present from jojo and arrived on my birthday. It was the digital camera that took the photos in this post. I love that I can now get photos of something I'm posting about and add them in, rather than having to wait for them to be developed. Expect more pics from me.

Anyway, it was a pretty low key birthday. Saturday there's a birthday dinner thing happening.

Happy birthday to me, yo!