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Friday, September 02, 2005

posh update

Okay, okay...I thought it was only fair to post this update on the post about the (obviously exaggerated) comment Victoria Beckham made recently that she'd "never read a book in her life". Apparently she's been getting some backlash for the comment, particularly in light of the fact that it implies she doesn't encourage her kids to read:

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, pop star wife of England captain and Real Madrid star David Beckham, does read books after all, she says. It's only that, as a young mum, she often cannot finish them.

"I always start them, get distracted, and never seem to get the time to finish. I'm sure all mothers with three boys know what I mean," she revealed in an interview Wednesday, protesting claims that she doesn't read.

"Of course we read books together. Romeo and Brooklyn both love reading stories, and as they are starting to pick up basic Spanish words, they have some Spanish books as well," she told the Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Busy life, not enough time to read...I can relate to that. Using what little time I have to flick through fashion magazines...not so much.

Of course, if I was married to a guy with a body like this---------------------------------->
I might have trouble finding the time to read, too.

As long as he didn't speak.

I swear that giving Becks that squeaky voice is just God's little joke. 'Okay, here's the trade: I'll give you looks to die for and in return, you'll never be able to use your voice again'. Or maybe I'm being too hard on the Almighty. Maybe Becks made a trade with the Sea Witch like in Little Mermaid...except instead of legs he got a perfect upper body. Oh wait, he's got good legs and a nice butt, too. Wow, the original voice he traded must have been phenomenal! ^_~

We now return you to your usual, non-drooling, transmission...