a little east of reality

Saturday, September 03, 2005

corners like it's on rails

Trumpets sound, and angels sing! I finally went for a ride in Phi's MR-2.

At first it was a bit anti-climatic - I mean come on! THREE MONTHS of anticipation factor? Whose car can live up to that? Especially when I'm not a car hound anyway. But then we settled in and put some heavy metal on. The sub-woofer was doing its thing and the car (along with us!) vibrated with the beat, and our coolness factor rose at least two notches. ^_^

On the way back I requested finding out what it meant when 'the turbo kicks in' (a phrase much bandied-about in our pre-ride conversations). This led to some ferocious driving which was a little scary, but also exciting. I told him afterwards that he really shouldn't be nervous about the idea of me driving his car, because I wouldn't dare do even half the stuff he did.

The seats are shaped like race car seats, so they hold you in snugly. Apart from that the boy knows how to drive his car. So when we went around corners fast it was like being on a theme park ride - as first it felt like you just had to fly outwards on the corner but then you could feel yourself being held and kind of swung around the corner. Pretty cool feeling that I won't be attempting to recreate in my Corona.

The only thing we didn't do was take the top off. But I figure that's better for a warm summer night when all the stars are out.