a little east of reality

Thursday, July 14, 2005

phi's beast

Phi's car looks just like this one, right down to the colour and the trim. It was imported from Japan with most of the special features that were on offer. Pretty sporty, ne? When he moved in a couple of months ago, the car was having a problem with its diff, or something else. Oil was leaking anyway...never a good sign...and the Toyota people just couldn't seem to get it right. So he was driving it as little as possible. It's a high performance car and finally he gave in and took it to a guy that is well known for fixing high performance cars well. The problem with the diff's been worked out, but now they are waiting on parts to come from interstate before it can be fixed and come home.

What does this mean? It means the boy has lived at my place for over two months and I still have not experienced this sweet ride. Oh sure, I've heard stories about how awesome it is on the long winding road outside Canberra that was apparently built especially for people who like feeling the wind in their hair (yes, I also heard the motorbike version of the story). I've been taunted by the passionate retelling of how extremely cool it is to drive it out of the city at night and view the stars through the open top. But I have not as yet caressed its leathery seats, or admired (without leaving fingerprints) its glossy shine close up.

Okay, okay, I'm mocking...a little. But really it's secret envy, haha. I drive a Toyota, too, but not the junior Batmobile featured above. I drive this one to the right: a 1984 Corona, sky blue. This car has not spent several weeks in the shop waiting for parts to arrive. It doesn't leak oil. In fact it's been a lovely little car, getting me from A to B even after the Canberra winter kicked in and I started having to thaw the ice on the windshield before leaving in the morning. I should be glad to have such a reliable little cracker of a car, even if it is old...with no CD player...and a broken door handle...and...*sigh*...sky blue. And I am. No really, I am.

Anyway, the moment that beastie is back on board I want to take a cruise in its uber-sleekness. One day I might ask for a drive, but I don't think the boy is ready for that question yet. It'd be like the first time a new mother leaves her baby with a babysitter and rings home every 15min just to make sure everything's okay. (Yeah fine, except that the ringing phone wakes the baby up every 15min...) He might be in the passenger seat, but in his mind he would be watching me swing his baby out over a lagoon full of toothy crocodiles. And that wouldn't be good. ^_^

Any suggestions for a five-letter personalised number plate will be gratefully received. Something that says, 'this car is hot' without saying, "and I'm so up myself that I'm assuming that you will have sex with me as a result." We've been trying to think of something good, but no luck yet.