a little east of reality

Thursday, June 30, 2005

What's this 'M' doing here?

Today we cease to be the ACA and become ACMA...Australian Communications and Media Authority. The farewell lunch was great. Good people, good food (plain, but fresh and nicely cooked) and good music. That's what a party needs, and we had all three.

Neo was our DJ. He looked like he was having superfun playing with all the DJ toys. I wanted to watch for a while to see how it all works, but I didn't want to hang at the DJ booth like a groupie. ^_^ I never get much time to talk with Neo since he got the new job. It's disappointing in that inevitable way. Maybe I'll grab him for a coffee sometime.

Anyway, the party was good - happy atmosphere and a fitting send-off for our now defunct workplace. Of course tomorrow it will seem like nothing's changed except for the emails. I swear the world could blow up and someone would be sending emails out about it.