a little east of reality

Thursday, June 23, 2005


I'm not too much in the habit of creating a post just by writing, 'hey, here's something really great someone else wrote', but today I've done it twice.

This post is from Waiter Rant. This blog is a good read any day of the week, but this post is beyond good. And the timing was perfect.

This morning I dropped my car off to have the heater fixed. I had planned to catch the bus to work, but it was cold and I decided to get a taxi. It took me 40min to get through to our one cab company (my mobile phone battery dying at some point, sending me in search of a public phone) and then another hour for a cab to actually show up. Halfway through that waiting time, it started to rain. Predictably, I had no umbrella. Just when I was getting ready to walk back down to the bus stop to catch the next bus, the cab arrived. I was so pissed off. I arrived at work cold and miserable and in a bad mood.

Until lunchtime when I read the linked post on Waiter Rant. Instant paradigm shift. I got to the end and realised that all my tension was gone. It was just time...just a little rain...just waiting. No big deal. No-one lived or died over it. Nothing important was lost. There are bigger things in life.