a little east of reality

Friday, June 17, 2005

having fun while not viewing jupiter

I sort of redeemed myself today, in my own eyes anyway. A colleague who 'subtley' made it pretty clear she was pissed off at having to do a task of mine that would have taken her ooh, 15 minutes, probably didn't see it that way. But as they say, 'you can't please all of the people all of the time,' and after yesterday I decided that it was good time to please myself. So I jumped ship around 10am, packed a bag, woke up the boy (who'd offered me a lift into town) and escaped to Sydney. *cue choirs of angels singing halleluiah*

Baps met me at Central and we made our way back to her place. Scorsese, her film director boyfriend, arrived a little later. I hadn't seen Scors for close on 12 years and we spent so much time catching up that I completely forgot that my purpose in coming to Sydney today instead of tomorrow was to visit the Sydney Observatory. Jupiter is apparently in a great position for viewing right now and I want to see it through their enormous telescope. Still, I'm back in Sydney in 3 weeks and might be able to see it then.

We talked at length about a film project Scors is involved in. It's in pre-production now and he is yet to decide whether to commit himself to the project as a whole. I enjoy film, and am interested in the process, but I've never before had the chance to talk about it to someone actually working in the industry. I appreciate that he doesn't have that snobbery that sometimes comes with knowing an 'artsy' subject better than the masses. Some people have such a stick up their butt about these things.