a little east of reality

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

the jedi in me

What is it about Star Wars that brings out the kid in me? Hungry Jacks (Australia’s Burger King) has brought out four cups, each with at least half an action figure emerging from the lid (R2D2, C3PO, Darth Vadar and General Grievous (my favourite)). I went in for one and came home with them all.
I also just bought a box each of cereals I never eat in order to procure a light sabre spoon. Not that it was a big problem – my class was wide-eyed with delight when I turned up with sugar-loaded breakfast for them – but I was a bit surprised at how much I wanted that plastic light-up spoon. Yes, yes, it’s totally cool, especially when you are snacking on cereal while watching a movie in the dark, but still.
I’m not even sure I should mention how badly I want to buy the $50 light sabre at K-Mart that not only lights up but also hums and makes battle noises. 欲しいよ。
I never bought a Happy Meal when Shrek was released. There are no Monsters, Inc toys lurking in a dark corner of my desk, even if the Monsters, Inc advert that Gackt did was totally cute. “感動しました。” The Incredibles were incredible…it didn’t have me scoping out Toys R Us.
But Stars Wars is…well, it’s Star Wars. Enough said.