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Monday, June 06, 2005

butterfly effect

I saw The Butterfly Effect in the cinema and loved it, so the other day when I spotted it on sale I bought it. Phi watched it the next day and found it intense and interesting. He asked what I thought of the ending and I started talking about the birthday party.

"What party?"
"Lenny's birthday party when he was little."
"That's not how it ends."
"Well yeah, there's that bit where they walk past each other in the street."
"No there isn't."

Confused looks. More confused looks.

"I think you better watch it again."

Tonight I did. The movie is about altered memories, so imagine how weirded out I was to find that there were scenes I remembered that were missing and scenes I didn't remember that were now in the movie. It was totally surreal and totally cool, because it was like watching it again for the first time, except I knew why he was holding that big-assed knife. The yellow jacket still shocked and appalled me - some things cannot be prepared for.

Anyway, as it often the case, Google solved the mystery. The DVD is the director's cut and it has a different ending. The different ending also necessitates some alternative scenes to make it all come together.

Either way, great movie. Dark, pretty violent, but vivid and compelling. 4 stars.