a little east of reality

Friday, June 03, 2005

say my name, say my name

I was reading one of drip's poems today which included this thought:
A name is meant
to close the space
between two people
Only last night I had a long conversation with Phi on dating, talking to people you've just met, etc, and the power of names was mentioned then. He commented that he often fails to get a girl's name, because the moment they exchange names the conversation takes on a more serious feeling, and even becomes awkward, as if the way forward in the conversation suddenly needs a defined path.

Though we conjectured we didn't really come to any conclusion as to why this happens. It might be that the girl realises (or assumes) at that point that he has interest in her beyond this conversation, thinking that that's why he's taken the time to introduce himself properly and ask her name. What he was saying though, is that even if he is interested, he still wants to keep the conversation light and casual. That awkwardness creates such an uncertainty in him that now he consciously avoids that moment where you exchange names.

That keeps everything light and comfortable, but what happens when you ask for her number and still don't know her name, or worse still meet her again the following week and realise you have no idea what to call her? I suppose if the girl's into him she'll conveniently ignore that, but it does seem like exchanging one awkward moment for another.

For a real looker the boy is surprisingly lacking in dating arrogance. Maybe he grew up weird looking or thinking he needed to be taller or something. That usually makes for a nicer, more interesting person in the end.