a little east of reality

Sunday, May 29, 2005

what I'm reading: digital fortress

I'm in the middle of Dan Brown's Digital Fortress at the moment. His books are great. Full of little known facts about history and science and religion, yet somehow he manages to churn out all of this information without stifling the pace of the story - no mean feat. I started, like most people, with The Da Vinci Code. I didn't find it so contraversial, having believed or at least known of some of its claims previous to reading the book, but the writing was wonderful. For the first time in a while I couldn't put a book down and I immediately borrowed everything the library had from him.

Now I've read Angels and Demons, am reading Digital Fortress, and am just about to read Deception Point. The Da Vinci Code's ending is a little anti-climatic, but Angels and Demons hooks you in till the last gasp - wow.